Single Moms Looking to Date? Read this!

By Melissa Moore on April 14, 2022
10th October 1936: A mother takes her small child by the hand into the surf on Haifa beach, Palestine. Even in October the Mediterranean sea is perfect for swimming. (Photo by Colin Brown/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Dating is tough.  Dating as a single mom….really tough!

The dating website Zoosk just released this list of 9 things that single moms

need to know before dating.  What do you think?

xox Melissa

9 Strategies For Success

1. Make sure you’re ready for it

2. Tackle the stigma

3. Make your profile uniquely yours

4. Don’t be afraid to talk about your kids

5. Think about what you want

6. Embrace the first dates

7. Introduce your kids when the time is right

8. Keep the kids’ feelings front of mind

9. Stay positive and be realistic with your expectations

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