Sean Henry

Sean Henry 5:30-10am

Like about 10,000 other people every month, Sean just moved to Colorado.  And he’s thrilled to be waking up the Mile High City on KOSI 101.1!

Start your day with Sean’s unique brand of family-friendly fun and lots of Real Music Variety.  Nobody plays more music in the morning than KOSI!  And, when you listen to KOSI 101.1 you won’t hear any tasteless humor, crass comments, or five people talking at once.  We’ve got the PERFECT blend of music, news, weather, up-to-date traffic, and the lighter side of what’s going on.

Speaking of a lotta music – Sean also hosts KOSI’s 8AM Real Variety Workday Kickoff!  It’s over an hour of non-stop music weekdays from 8-9:20am to help you ease into your challenging workday.

Get to know Sean Henry!  When you begin your day with Real Music Variety, on KOSI 101.1!

Tim Tebow Sends A Message To Elderly Fan And Her Reaction Is Priceless!

Shoutout to Tim for the shoutout to his biggest fan. Definitely made my Grandma’s day. Biggest smile she’s had since her stroke. @TimTebow 🐐 — Danny Terp (@YungDaniel300) August 13, 2017 Tim Tebow continues to touch lives wherever he goes, even with just a simple “hello!”

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