‘Screeches and screams’ set to fill Colorado’s mountains

By jennyd on August 31, 2023
MADISON RIVER, YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WY – OCTOBER 16: A bull elk bugles in a pasture meadow near the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park October 16, 2003 in Wyoming. Bugles is a common elk sound attributed to an elk mating ritual. A bull elk bugles to try and keep his harem of cow elks secure from other bull elks. Autumn is the mating season for the elk. Elks tend to gather in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park which is located south of Yellowstone. (Photo by Bill Schaefer/Getty Images)

What’s that scary sound …. just #Nature  Get ready for the annual elk rut in Colorado! From mid-September to mid-October, expect to hear loud bugle calls and see elk traveling from higher terrain into mountain towns. Closures in natural spots will be in place to limit impacts to the elk’s natural behavior and to help prevent dangerous human-wildlife interactions. Be a responsible wildlife viewer and keep a distance of at least 75 feet. #elkrut #Colorado #wildlifeviewing



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