Review of Miranda Lambert's New Album

By on November 23, 2016



Miranda Lambert’s gypsy heart beats strong on The Weight of These Wings, in spite of the scars. Themes of heartache and untethered rambling dominate the 24 songs on her two-disc release. There are few loose ends, but plenty of surprises.

The biggest is how mellow the arrangements are as a whole. Lyrically she swings between moods, but there’s nothing with fury or untethered abandon. “Ugly Lights,” a Cash-like punk-rocker that finds the singer we know from songs like “Mama’s Broken Heart” at her most frayed, comes closest. She’s a hot mess during this hallow bender. Most of the rest are more mature.

All eyes and ears are looking for total emotional devastation in light of personal events that led up to the release of her sixth studio album. Few will leave disappointed. The first disc nearly chronicles the five stages of grief, with interludes like the distorted and joyfully frivolous “Pink Sunglasses” and her new single “We Should Be Friends.” Total depression and acceptance don’t come until “Tin Man,” track No. 1 on “The Heart” and the song that will steal headlines.

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