Randy Meisner, Eagles co-founder dies at 77

By Elizabeth Weiler on July 27, 2023
Randy Mesiner
From left to right: Bernie Leadon, Don Henley, Randy Meisner, Glenn Frey Photo: via eagles.com

Denver, CO — “Take it to the limit” singer and Eagles-co founder and song-writer has died. On the night of July 26th, 2023 Randy Meisner passed due to his complications with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD).

“As the original bass player for the pioneering country-rock group, Poco, Randy was at the forefront of the musical revolution that began in Los Angeles, in the late 1960s,” The Eagles wrote in their statement.

“Randy was an integral part of the Eagles and instrumental in the early success of the band. His vocal range was astonishing, as is evident on his signature ballad, ‘Take It to the Limit,’” said the Eagles.

With The Eagles beginning their farewell tour, there is no certainty on how they will honor him, only certainty that they will. Randy Meisner joins his late band members Glenn Frey.


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