Ram stuck on Boulder roof.

Dec 8, 2023, 12:56 PM

Ram stuck on Boulder roof....

Photo: Courtesy of Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

A bighorn sheep was stuck on top of a house in Boulder before it finally made its way to the ground a day and a half later.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northeast Region shared the event on X, formerly known as Twitter, and said, “This is not the type of clatter you want to hear on your roof during December.”

They confirmed it was not Rudolph and there was no sign of Santa  but it was just a local ram on their roof. 

Wildlife officers visited the home to figure out how to help the rambunctious ram down. Colorado Parks and Wildlife posted to X that the officers observed the bighorn sheep make his way down to the deck. 

After CPW officials posted the ram’s predicament and the happy ending to social media, Colorado State University— whose mascot is a ram— chimed in. 

The school posted one of the pictures of the ram on the roof and stated they would change their X profile picture to the ram if the post got 200 likes. 

CPW comically agreed: “Ewe better,” the department said in a reply to CSU’s post.

CSU followers racked up the likes on the post— and the school changed their profile pic just as they promised.  


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Ram stuck on Boulder roof.