People Are Moving Out of Colorado To These States

By Melissa Moore on October 25, 2023
(Photo: Jim Lawson)

I love Colorado and I can’t imagine living in another state that I love as much as I do here.  I also acknowledge that living in Colorado has gotten crazy expensive!  It’s not just the housing, but the overall cost of living here in our Centennial state is expensive.  

According to new Census data, more than 264,000 people moved into Colorado last year, another 239,000 decided to leave our beautiful state.  So where did they go?

The top three states that Coloradans moved to last year:  Texas – 24K, Florida – 21K and finally California became the new home to almost 20,000 Coloradans.

Other popular states that gained former Coloradans:

  • New Mexico: 7,846
  • Oklahoma: 5,902
  • Kansas: 7,359
  • Nebraska: 6,422
  • Wyoming: 5,076
  • Utah: 5,327

So what about the people that moved to Colorado last year? Where did they move here from? Surprisingly the same states that gain former Coloradans, also lost residents to our state.

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. Florida 

IF you left Colorado, what state would be your next choice to live in?


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