NORAD tracking high altitude balloon over Colorado

By Jim Lawson on February 23, 2024
(Photo by Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

NORAD tracking high altitude balloon over Colorado

On Friday, U.S. officials and the military announced that they are monitoring a small balloon at a high altitude, which was spotted over Utah and Colorado and is currently drifting across the country.

However, they assured that this balloon does not pose any threat to national security as originally reported by CBS News.

Subsequently, NORAD, the military command responsible for air defense over the U.S. and Canada, confirmed the detection of the object. They stated that the balloon is floating between 43,000 and 45,000 feet. Due to the presence of the balloon, the command dispatched aircraft to investigate the situation.

“The balloon was intercepted by NORAD fighters over Utah, who determined it was not maneuverable and did not present a threat to national security.

NORAD will continue to track and monitor the balloon,” NORAD said in a statement. “The FAA also determined the balloon posed no hazard to flight safety.”

NORAD is based at Peterson Air Force base in Colorado Springs and also inside Cheyenne Mountain.

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