Most UNPOPULAR Baby Names

By Melissa Moore on August 5, 2022
Baby girl crawling through the grass, UK. (Photo by: Nik Taylor/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

We are used to hearing the most popular baby names.  Nope.  These are the most unpopular baby names right now.

Funny enough, some of these used to be on the popular list just last year.

Take a look!


Boy names …

  1. Kobe
  2. Jeffrey
  3. Nigel
  4. Ashton
  5. Graham
  6. Stuart
  7. Chad
  8. Gary
  9. Bill

Girl names ….

  1. Angela
  2. Kimberly
  3. Alexa
  4. Nicole
  5. Ashley
  6. Sophia
  7. Lorraine
  8. Kristen
  9. Suzanne

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