Most Common Household Fights

By Melissa Moore on August 31, 2022
1950s Angry Married Couple Man And Woman Husband And Wife Forehead Pressed To Forehead Arguing With Each Other . (Photo by Debrocke/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

Bickering…fighting…whatever you want to call it.  These are the most common household ‘fights’.

Take a look and see if you agree or have found yourself in one of these.

xox Melissa


Most Common Household Arguments

1.        Leaving lights on around the home

2.        Leaving the toilet seat up

3.        Not putting dishes away

4.        Starting but not completing the housework

5.        Whose turn it is to clean the floor (hoovering, mopping, etc.)

6.        Not squeegeeing the shower screen after showering

7.        Leaving dirty clothes on the floor

8.        Dropping crumbs in the bed

9.        Not dusting properly

10.      Not making the bed

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