Love to Our Mutts on National Mutt Day!

By Melissa Moore on July 31, 2023

We are all dog lovers here at KOSI 101.1.  Just recently our own Jenny D experienced the sudden loss of her furry best friend, Ollie (brown adorable dog below) – whom she adopted and is most likely a mutt.

To honor all the great mutts out there, I wanted to share pictures of my dogsCisco is an English Bulldog that I adopted after he retired from ‘show business’.  Dash I rescued during Covid and he is the quintessential mutt.  Thanks Max Fund for taking care of my Dash until I found. him.  We also adopted our cat, Toothless, but we’ll wait for cat day to introduce him (still pictures though.;)

One of the things I’ve learned about ‘mutts’ is that they tend to have the best temperament because of their mixed DNA.  They are also most of the resuces that you’ll find at shelters.

To all of our ‘mutts’ who are family and a big part of our hearts- this is your day!

Happy National Mutt Day!



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