Looking for a New Gig? BEST Jobs for 2022

By Melissa Moore on January 11, 2022
OAKLAND, CA – FEBRUARY 02: A job seeker looks at a job listing board at the East Bay Career Center February 2, 2006 in Oakland, California. According to a government report, U.S. unemployment benefits claims dropped to about 273,000 last week, sending a four-week average of claims to the lowest level in nearly six years. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

People are quitting their jobs in record numbers!

If you’re looking for a new gig, this may help you.  According to US News & World Report- these are the top 10 best jobs for 2022.

Take a look and see if anything interests you. 🙂 -Melissa


Top 10 Jobs of 2022

1. Information Security Analyst

2. Nurse Practitioner

3. Physician Assistant

4. Medical and Health Services Manager

5. Software Developer

6. Data Scientist

7. Financial Manager

8. Statistician

9. Lawyer

10. Speech-Language Pathologist

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