Kids Answer How Santa Gets Presents Delivered

By Melissa Moore on December 8, 2021
398831 01: A Christmas disply shows Santa Claus stuck in a chimney December 18, 2001 in Mission Viejo, CA. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

I love the creativity of children!  They were asked how they thought Santa gets the gifts to every house and here are their answers.

I love the #1 guess.  That sounds awesome!



How Santa Delivers Gifts All Around the World

1) He uses a special key that unlocks every door in the world

2) Comes down the chimney

3) Magic

4) Teleporting

5) Walks through walls

6) Moves really fast

7) The elves help

8) Freezes time

9) Puts everyone in the world to sleep

10) Has ‘present stations’ set up in each country

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