Kevin Costner’s Wife Refuses To Move Out – ***UPDATE!!**

By Melissa Moore on June 16, 2023
ASPEN, CO – SEPTEMBER 25: Actor Kevin Costner poses with his new wife Christine Baumgartner during their private wedding at his ranch in September 25, 2004 in Aspen, Colorado. (Photo by Lara Porzak/Rogers and Cowan via Getty Images)

It looks like this divorce could get messy.  Aren’t they all though?  The latest is story is that Yellowstone star, Kevin Costner‘s wife is allegedly refusing to move out of their marriage home.  Some stories say that according to their prenup that she has 30 days to move out after filing for divorce.

According to a TMZ article referencing legal documents, Costner is asking the court to enforce their prenup.  He is also claiming to have given her over 1.2 Million to find a new home.

Kevin’s team insists he owns all three of their homes per the prenup and that she is supposed to move out.

FRIDAY 6/16/23 UPDATE!***

Costner’s estranged wife, Christine, her lawyers say that Costner can not force her to move out with her three children.  Her lawyers say this is the family’s long time home and where the children have grown up.

Looks like this divorce will continue to get messier and messier.

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