Kevin Costner has found love again.

By Jim Lawson on February 4, 2024
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Kevin Costner has found love again.

On Thursday (February 1), Kevin Costner shared images of his new dog on social media. While he did not reveal the name, he did say he is immediately smitten with the little fella.

“Newest addition to the family,” he writes in the caption. “I’m already in love with this special guy.” Costner paired the caption with a photo of him posing beside a big black truck.

The Oscar winner also posted photos of his new dog sleeping in his arms and on a hardwood floor.

In the third photo, the dog’s collar has a tag, but the name is not legible. Costner’s followers suggested “Kasey,” “Crash,” or “Yellowstone.” The new pup looks like a blonde Labrador Retriever with dark eyes and nose. 

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