Kelly Clarkson’s ‘disturbing habit’ causing tension on set

By Jenny D on May 13, 2024

Oh, come on, I have had tons of co-workers walk around barefoot. Let it go — why do people always try to bring a great woman down? Don’t like it? Leave!

The Sun says Kelly Clarkson’s bare feet are creating tension with her talk show co-workers.

A source says, “Kelly’s barefoot habit has become a hot topic behind the scenes. It’s not just about hygiene, it’s about maintaining a certain image. You wouldn’t catch anyone else flaunting bare feet inside NBC, but she gets away with it.

Kelly’s objective is to create a comfortable, chill environment for her audience, making them feel at home. She wants viewers to feel at home, like they can just kick off their own shoes and relax along with her.’’

I love you, Kelly, and I wouldn’t mind working with you even if I had to smell your stinky feet. Especially since I hate all feet, this is my love letter to you!

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