Jackie Selby


Jackie’s back!  KOSI 101.1 welcomes longtime Denver air personality Jackie Selby home. As you remember, Jackie was part of KOSI from 2008-2012 and we’re proud that she is back on the local airwaves 3-8pm weekdays. Her irrepressible sense of fun along with KOSI’s Real Music Variety is the perfect antidote to your long, hard day at work

Denise’s Style Fyle with Taylor Swift’s Closet for “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Personally, I’m a #Swiftie!  I think Taylor Swift is talented and a great role model for young girls.  She took a risk when she came out swinging with the tune “Look What You Made Me Do” and I LOVED IT!!  Check out the video below from Taylor’s youtube channel, she ...

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Remember when the color of the dress confused us all??

The internet is buzzing with the question below, what colors do you see?  It’s pink and white, right??  I see pink and white. The Today Show asked the question this morning, check it out! @DenisePlanteDenver Twitter, FB and Instagram http://www.today.com/video/new-color-controversy-roils-internet-what-color-are-these-sneakers-1071499331745

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