ITS PRIME DAY! Top 10 dorm essentials for your kids this fall!

By Elizabeth Weiler on July 6, 2023

Denver, CO — Back to school is around the corner, you can’t assure Target will have everything in stock for your kids dorms this year. In fact, some Colorado Targets are considered busiest in the nation come move-in! With today being Amazon Prime day, take advantage of some deals, and keep back to school in mind. Here are the top 8 Prime Day dorm essentials you may not have considered (in no particular order)! Click the blue prices to see the product. 

  1. Twin Mattress Pad – There is no doubt you’ll want your student to be comfortable at night and most of the time, the plain twin mattresses provided just don’t cut it. The affordable and comfortable option is to add a mattress pad to the provided mattress. Today’s Prime Deals are for highly rated toppers and pads, between $10 and $27.
  2. Iron and Board – A potentially passed over thought is the Iron Board. There will be late nights in college when your student is pulling laundry out of the dryer, throwing it in the hamper and their off to bed. Luckily there are small, storage friendly iron and boards for your kids! A small folding board and iron set clock in at $38 during today’s Amazon Prime day! If you have an iron and just need the mini board, there are many options starting at just $19!
  3. Collapsing Hamper – Maybe a no brainer, but stick to the collapsing/bendy/folding hampers to save on space ad likely hold more laundry. Amazon’s Prime Day has knocked prices down as little as $5. However, there are sturdier options with different color preferences and laundry bags included for only $22
  4. Snacks – In most cases, dining halls aren’t open 24 hours, and your student may be in a time crunch where grabbing a granola bar and running to class is the realistic option! Prime Day dorm essentials has bulk options for as little as $10 and 30 count snack boxes for just $17
  5. Small Portable Fan – There is no guarantee of air conditioning for your college student and if they’re like 52% of Americans who sleep with noise, a fan may not be a bad investment. Amazon Prime deals have fans at anywhere from $9 to larger ones at $20
  6. Hangers – Another seemingly no brainer, but why wait to buy when your local retail store may be low in stock come move in day. Amazon has a 50-pack of sturdy, velvet hangers for only $23. If your child is my likely to opt for the folding laudry, maybe consider the $11 20-pack
  7. Power cords – A definite life savor and 100% more convenient. Who knows the lay out of outlets across your child’s room. From mini fridges to microwaves, to mini fans and laptop chargers, your child is going to need a power cord. A small one will suffice with 3 outlets and five feet of cord for just under $10. Some come for $15 and have 6 power cords and two USB ports, however you may be better off buying two smaller ones and spreading them throughout the room.
  8. Shoe Hanger – Ideal for storage, space and even the laziest of organization. These compartments hang down the side of the closet and keep shoes in their place. The classic one is all you need for $8.

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