It’s ok to be real on social media… Life is not always perfect

By jennyd on March 2, 2023

Hey friends I wanted to share with you because I feel that we all have days and sometimes months that are super hard and when you look at social media it is all smiles and people capturing their best moments.  There is a whole other side of that coin.  These last two weeks have been hard in my house.  Being a single mom and having the kids sick one week with stomach flu and the next with RSV and Croup it was hard to keep up.  Then I get sick and it gets even more difficult.  We got thru it but it was exhausting.  One of the nights I was trying to do something different for the kids and make a new meal … taco spaghetti?? I saw the video on Facebook and my daughters and I were excited.  Got done with carpool/school and work and stopped by Safeway to get all the ingredients. Once home we started with homework and taking care of the dogs. I meanwhile also starting dinner and running between the stove and kitchen table to see how to help with MATH which is not my best subject.  I have no idea how they teach it now but my girls are so good at it. So as I am doing 4 things at once I do not realize that instead of diced tomatoes I had grabbed tomato sauce… it wasn’t until I poured it into the meat and noodles that I realized. UGH I also realized that I got distracted by Maddie’s Algebra problem (yes in 3rd grade) that I overcooked the noodles and they were mushy.  We all took bites and it was TERRIBLE.  I tried to power thru but it was really bad. That was when I broke down.  Started crying and sent the girls to living room so I could make Mac and Cheese.  It didn’t get better that night but I posted a very real snapshot of my life at that moment and people were so kind!! I felt so alone and discouraged.  I later cried in the shower to just give me strength to get to bedtime so I could rest.  It is amazing how many moms and parents in general feel that way.  We are doing a million things for our kids and MOST days we can juggle but there will be those days where we need to be kind to one another and reach out and tell them they ARE NOT ALONE! Thank you to my village of friends and I will always be there for you as well!!! Mental Health matters and as it is now International Women’s Month I wanted to share with you my story. That was one week and there will be more like it but I am not alone.  Thank you again for the reminder!! XOXOX – Jenny

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