Heat Advisory! Be Careful Today Denver!

By Melissa Moore on July 13, 2023
FURNACE CREEK, CALIFORNIA – JULY 15: A car passes a sign warning of extreme heat danger on the eve of a day that could set a new world heat record in Death Valley National Park on July 15, 2023 near Furnace Creek, California. Weather forecasts for tomorrow call for a high temperature of 129┬║ Fahrenheit and possibly as high as 131. Previously, the highest temperature reliably recorded on Earth was 129.2F (54C) in Death Valley in 2013. A century earlier a high temperature in Death Valley reportedly reached 134F but many modern weather experts have rejected that claim along with other high summer temperatures reported in the region that year. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

We have gone from crazy rain to record heat.  In fact, today may be the hottest summer day yet this year. 

We might see a high near 100 today!!

Crazy heat means a heat advisory and this is how it impact you: It’s advised that Coloradans under the Heat Advisory avoid strenuous outdoor activities, drink plenty of fluids, seek shade or air conditioning, and check on neighbors and the elderly.

Fire danger is also high today with low humidity and higher winds.

Be safe!!


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