Guess who’s back?

By jennyd on June 1, 2023
(Photo By Getty Images)

According to TMZ Kim Catrall is joining the cast of the ‘Sex and the City’ spin-off “And Just Like That…”  She sat out the first season because of a feud with Sarah Jessica Parker. Kim will make a cameo during the upcoming second season of the show, which premieres on June 22nd on Max. Kim’s cameo doesn’t come until August. Cast and crew members were stunned by the announcement because it was kept a secret until yesterday. Kim was brought to the set in an SUV with blacked-out windows. A source tells the newspaper, ”The fact that they’re keeping it very hush-hush says that there’s some implication that she might be coming back — not this season, but it’s definitely a cliffhanger that’s gonna get people to come back for Season 3.”


Now it finally feels right!! – Jenny

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