Flavor Flav is looking to hire swifties to help him create

By Elizabeth Weiler on June 13, 2023
Flavor flav swiftie
Selfie taken by Taylor Swift and posted on Flavor Flavs Twitter via @Falvorflav

Denver, CO — Does Taylor Swift have a new bestie? Recently spotted with Flavor Flav, who was sporting a wrist full of friendship bracelets, swifties may have a new calling.

The rapper made a pitstop in Detriot for one of Swifts concerts. Standing in the crowd among the swifties, Flavor flav recieved an arm full of friendship bracelets from passing fans.

He tweeted the video below showcasing the exchanges, snapping an occasional picture with a fan.

Immediately following the Detroit show, Flavor Flav called on Swifties. Tweeting, “I wanna hire one of y’all to make me some custom Flavor Flav bracelets to trade for the next Eras Tour stop ya boy hits up. Who can help?”

This indicates that not only will Flav be indulging in another Era’s tour stop, he’ll be joining in on the camaraderie too. Confirming that he spoke with hundreds of jewelry-making swifties Via Twitter DM’s, it’s no question Flav will be showcasing some new bling next show.

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