Fan Inspires Shawn Mendes’s Tattoo!

Jul 23, 2019, 9:16 AM



Shawn Mendes has officially got a new tattoo, and not only that but a fan was the inspiration behind it!

After a fan tweeted an edited photo of him with a butterfly tattoo Shawn messaged her asking for the piece of work!


Shawn went to a tattoo parlor as soon as he could to get the artwork done on him.


Livia Stang is a tattoo artist in Toronto and had the pleasure of tattooing Shawn Mendes while he was in Texas!


Kayla, the fan who edited the art work on Shawn, used a flash piece from an actual tattoo artist! Who messaged her and was so thankful about getting their work noticed by so many.


Also, if you didn’t know this isn’t the first time Shawn was inspired by his fans for a tattoo! His light bulb piece that has flowers in it was also a fans idea.

Here are all of Shawn’s tattoos so far. Which is your favorite?

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Fan Inspires Shawn Mendes’s Tattoo!