Engagement chicken story and the recipe – LOOK

By Melissa Moore on February 15, 2024
WASHINGTON, DC – Pollo a la Huancaina (Roasted Chicken, grilled potatoes and spicy Huancaina sauce) at Ruta del Vino, a new restaurant in Petworth photographed in Washington, DC. (Photo by Deb Lindsey For The Washington Post via Getty Images).

You’ve heard of ‘Marry Me’ chicken, but have you heard of engagement chicken?  It’s a thing and it actually started with a magazine article talking about how the roasted chicken recipe can elicit an engagement.

The backstory is that in 1982 a Glamour magazine editor gave her assistant the roasted chicken recipe.  The assistant made the recipe for her boyfriend and a month later they were engaged.  Hence the term ‘engagement chicken.’  I haven’t made the original recipe, but I have tried the Barefoot Contessa’s roasted chicken and it’s amazing!

Do you have a recipe that your special someone just loves?  My husband makes a chicken tinga that is out of this world.  If I wasn’t already married to him, I would definitely say yes after his chicken tinga.

Bon Appetit!




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