Do you tip them this time of year?

By jennyd on December 20, 2023
(Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

I got a card from my garbage collector and was wondering if you tip them this time of year? I feel bad because I did not know this was a thing.  The back of the card had a Venmo code and before I do I wanted to see how much is “normal”. The basics I saw for this service was $20.

According to Here is some basic info:


Tip who?

Your dog walker, babysitter or nanny, house cleaner, doorman, garbage collector, mail carrier, handyman, (virtual) personal trainer, etc. Basically, people outside of your inner circle who make your life run smoother throughout the year.


They recommend between $10-$30 depending on amount of service they provide year long. Does that seem right?

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