Do We Need Top Sheets On a Bed??

By Melissa Moore on October 18, 2023
March 1933: The latest variety of Shetland shawl linen sheets and blankets. (Photo by Sasha/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Apparently the use of a top sheet is now a generational debate.

When my fiancé and I first got together we had this debate.  He had been traveling to Europe and found that they generally don’t use top sheets on the bed and instead just use a duvet.

Gross.  That was my initial reaction.  Germs, gross, plus the fact that how do you feel ‘tucked’ in if the top sheet isn’t on and pushed in tight?

Fiancé hates having the top sheet tucked in and likes to kick his feet out.  That’s where the top sheet is genius in my mind, you can sneak a foot out to cool off.  We differ on the importance of the top sheet.  

I will also add in common sense here, sheet sets come with a top sheet therefore they’re needed. Boom – drop the mic. 

Counter point, I have learned that not every bedding company has a top sheet and in lots of Europe sheet sets you’ll find just a fitted sheet and pillow cases.  I’m shuddering here.

Generationally, Millennials and Gen Z are saying no thanks to the top sheet.  They find it unnecessary and unwanted.  Gen X and Boomers- well we still like our top sheet.  Look at the beds at Pottery Barn (my favorite beds!) and you’ll see the top sheet.  

Case closed.

What do you think?


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