Did Denver Make Nicest or Rudest Kids List – LOOK –

By Melissa Moore on May 19, 2023
PRODUCTION – 28 April 2023, North Rhine-Westphalia, K?ln: TV presenter Esther Sedlaczek (r) blows soap bubbles with children at a playground. Sedlaczek hosts the ARD Saturday evening show “Frag doch mal die Maus. Photo: Oliver Berg/dpa (Photo by Oliver Berg/picture alliance via Getty Images)

My generation didn’t have a choice but to be respectful to adults.  As kids we called every adult with a Mr., Mrs. or Ms. and their last name.  I can’t imagine calling my best friend’s mom Liz.  That didn’t happen.  I don’t even think I could do that today!

It’s not just about how we address adults, but kids today have a different set of rules with adults.  That doesn’t mean they are rude, it’s just different.  BUT, there is a difference between children who are nice and respectful and those that are just plain rude.

The factors for this list included the number of phones, cursing and talking back.

Cities with the Rudest Kids:

1 Philidelphia

2 San Francisco

3 New York City

4 Las Vegas

5 Columbus, Ohio

6 Jacksonville, Florida

7 Louisville

8 Milwaukee

9 Chicago

10 Detroit

Cities with the Nicest Kids:

1 Nashville

2 San Antonio

3 Portland

4 Seattle

5 Phoenix

6 Houston

7 Boston

8 Charlotte

9 Denver (Nice job Colorado kids!!)

10 Fort Worth

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