Denver Broncos raise ticket prices

By Jim Lawson on February 9, 2024

Denver Broncos raise ticket prices

Broncos Country continues to show unwavering support and enthusiasm, despite the team’s recent struggles and playoff drought spanning eight years.

The demand for tickets remains high, with both the primary and secondary ticket markets experiencing a surge in interest. In fact, there is even a waitlist of over 100,000 eager fans.

As a result, the Broncos have made a slight adjustment to their ticket prices. They recently announced a 7.9% increase in ticket prices for the upcoming 2024 season.

However, the team assures fans that their prices still fall within the average range compared to other NFL teams.

According to league data, this increase aligns with the average ticket price hike of 7.5% to 8% seen last year, with approximately 25 teams raising their prices.

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