Denise’s Diary | 7-13-17

Dear Diary,

It is so fun to see all of the bears that are being donated for KOSI’s Teddy Bear Patrol!  I think everyone can relate and remember how much comfort a teddy bear gives, especially to a child after a traumatic event.  Just to be able to hold on to something that gives you comfort makes a big difference.

The bear I’m donating is DJ Cuddle Bear, she gives the best cuddles!  Before she finds her forever loving home, she is meeting some really cool people and taking pictures with them.  Today she met the 9 News morning team Corey Rose, Gary Shapiro, Christine Noel and Amelia Earhart.  DJ Cuddle Bear even sat with the team at the 9 News desk, she was very excited 😉  I’m going to share all of these pictures with the child that takes DJ Cuddle Bear home.


Join the Teddy Bear Patrol and help a child!

Sometimes the smallest act of kindness can have a big impact. That’s the underlying goal of the Teddy Bear Patrol community promotion on KOSI 101.1 FM this summer.

When first responders arrive on the scene of an emergency in which a child is involved, it can be a traumatic event for that child. If the first responder could go to the trunk of his or her vehicle and hand that child a teddy bear to ease his or her anxiety, it would go a long way.

You can help.

KOSI 101.1 FM will be collecting teddy bears from July 10 through Aug. 25 to distribute to Denver-area first responders, specifically Denver police, Denver fire, and HealthONE EMS organizations. First responders will keep these teddy bears throughout the year and hand them out to children who’ve been involved in traumatic situations.

Drop off a new teddy bear at any of the locations listed on the map.  Click this link to find the map.CLICK HERE

And you’re invited to help give out teddy bears to first responders at a party with KOSI 101.1 FM on Saturday, Aug. 26, from 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, 20th Avenue and High Street in Denver.

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