Denise’s Diary | 6-14-17

Dear Diary,

What is going on in our world?!?  I woke up today hearing about the shooting in Alexandria and then another this afternoon in San Fran UPS store, just so scary and sad.  We need to invest more money in mental health, it is a must!  Most people won’t share their mental issues or admit they need someone to talk to or maybe more, it’s time to change that stigma.  We need to be leaders in our local community and help reshape the guidelines and barriers that keep people from getting the help they need.  It can be as simple as offering better information and education about mental health and illness.  Our long term goal should be to provide health and social services for those with mental disorders, help protect and create a way provide financial protection.


One woman I admire is Dafna Jenet, State Representative.  One of the main reasons she ran for office was for better mental health rights.  Below was one of her first bills she tried to pass, unfortunately it did not pass.

Today is a big day. RIGHT NOW: My youth suicide prevention bill HB17-1320 is up for hearing in the Senate. Please send good thoughts, or an email to the Colorado Senators to let them know that being 6th in the nation for youth suicide is not a list we want to be on the top of.


I guess we keep trying and keep working together to make this world a safer place.


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