Denise’s 1:40 Break for YOUR Take!

WIN John Mayer tix by answering my question below.  I’m picking a random winner after 2:45 today and will message the winner on FB.  YOU MUST ANSWER ON KOSI FB PAGE TO QUALIFY.

So today I ate a bug, actually bugS.  Author David MacNeal traveled the world to learn about insects and people in order to write the book, “Bugged: The Insects Who Rule the World and the People Obsessed with Them.”  He was a guest on Colorado and Company today.  During his visit, he introduced me to many insects and then insisted I try cricket pasta.  Pasta made out of crickets……yes you heard me right!  I was a bit timid, but ended up taking a nibble.  Not bad, tastes like chicken!  Just kidding, tasted like pasta.

My question.  Would you eat a bug?  Why or why not?

Good luck!

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