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WIN 4 TIX to Zoo Lights will span through 60 acres of Denver Zoo’s campus, with nightly entertainment, animal encounters, Santa meet-and-greets and, of course, illuminated animal sculptures that swing through trees, jump across lawns hide in bushes and appear in places where they’re least expected. Running December 1 until December 31, is one of Denver’s most anticipated events, which is a great opportunity for folks of all ages to enjoy the holidays or kick off the New Year with family, friends and colleagues.


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Justice League star Jason ”Aquaman” Momoa tells CBS that he fell in love with his wife Lisa Bonet after she ordered a Guinness beer on their first date. ” I convinced her to take me home because I was living in a hotel… we went to Cafe 101 and sat down and she ordered a Guinness. And that was it. I love Guinness. She ordered Guinness and I ordered grits and the rest is history.”

Justice League opens Thursday

 “What one specific funny, weird, or unusual thing did your partner do that made you fall in love with them?”

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One comment

  1. My husband is the Golden Retriever personality. He always wants everyone to be happy!
    He decided he wanted to take me to a girls softball game since he was the coach.
    EVERYONE kept staring at us, and I was a little uncomfortable.
    He was in 7th heaven “showing me off” to his girls.
    Little did I know!!!

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