Day 2 Momma’s Log: We have boarded the ship!

By jennyd on April 17, 2023
Day 2 Momma’s Log aboard The Disney Wonder:

We are on the ship … if you can call this amazing immersive experience a ship and not an alternate reality.  The surprise was a lot for my kids to take in … SO. MANY. QUESTIONS.  Luckily once we were able to board they were so amped up to discover all the things on the boat we finally caught a break. There is so much to see that it could take weeks! The room was spacious,  the view gorgeous and the feeling of magic is in everyone you meet! The girls and I had a delicious meal that concluded with animators turning our art into it’s own animation!! The magic and the wonder is so contagious! Last night the girls got to snuggle on a veranda and watch the ocean lull us into a restful sleep. Dreaming of all the characters we already met (Tiana, Daisy, Spiderman and more) the bunkbeds were so fun for the kids and allowed Momma to sleep peacefully without getting kicked. LOL Rested and ready for another wonderful day with more memories to make! #DisneyCruiseLine #DisneyCruiseFinds XOXO Jenny

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