Dating World – You're Either a Dog or Cat!

By on September 12, 2017

I think I’ve been spending too much time with my dog. The other night I’m heading up the stairs to go to bed and I told Cisco, “C’mon buddy let’s go to our room.”  WTH is going on here?! After I said it I of course said to Cisco – this isn’t good big guy.  He followed me up the stairs to his Tinkerbell blanket not realizing that he only sleeps in my room and doesn’t own it.  Besides my wonderful girl, Cisco and I are spending a lot of time together.  Bronco’s games, movies, walks, making dinner, gardening…yep it’s my buddy and me.  Now I will say that he is somewhat perfect as a dog companion.  He cracks me up on a daily basis, is very affectionate, loves bacon and is always up for a couch snuggle.  Yes, he has his faults – he snores like a lumberjack, snorts and moves around at night like a pig in mud and hates taking baths.

So all of this time together has lead me to the conclusion that people have either characteristics of dogs or cats. Sometimes they’re a snake, but that’s a different blog entirely! And in the dating world – dating people definitely have one or the other and sometimes/rarely a little of both.  Told ya I was spending too much time with my dog, but here’s my theory. Dog hearted people; trusting, funny, affectionate, loves food, loves being outdoors, will still love you after you’ve hurt them and won’t bite until they hit their limit. Cat hearted people; slow to trust, affectionate when they feel like it, like only certain foods, more skittish, love being outdoors but prefer to be on their own and will bite you as soon as you cross a boundary.  Don’t take this as a cat hater post, because I see some real wisdom in cat hearts.  I will admit though that I don’t understand why I’ll be petting a cat and it will decide to just bite me?

After thinking about this theory I’ve decided I’m mostly a dog person at heart. I love big, wear my heart on my sleeve and like affection.  The problem is that I’m also drawn to the analytical challenge of a cat personality, but get really frustrated when they don’t become a dog.  Yep – that’s the next part of my theory.  Wanting a cat personality to become a dog or maybe vice versa for you.  I think it goes back to me petting a cat and petting a cat and not realizing they’re done until they bite me.  It’s not like that with my dog at all!  The more you love him the more love he wants and needs.  Stop petting him and he’ll give you the stink eye or crawl in your lap to let you know that he wasn’t done with you.  My experience with cats is that they’ll nip at you, then take off and leave you wondering what gives.  I thought we were cool? Herein lies the problem, wanting a cat to become a dog.

So how do dog hearted and cat hearted people get together? How can it work? It’s like Bill Murray in Ghostbusters, “Dog and cats living together…it’s mass hysteria!”  I know there’s a secret to success somewhere in here.  My guess is that if you’re a dog hearted person and fall for a cat hearted person then you just have to allow them and accept them as they are.  Maybe the issue isn’t the differences but the acceptance of who we are?  Maybe there is compromise in there too…maybe there’s knowing  yourself well enough to know if it will fulfill you or if you need more likeness.  Honestly, I don’t have any answers.  Like I said, I’ve been spending way too much time with my dog!

xoxo Melissa


Told ya- too much time together! 😉

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