COWS Attack Woman in Boulder

By Melissa Moore on June 13, 2023
ZSCHEPPLIN, GERMANY – JULY 19: Dairy cows graze on a dry pasture during a heat wave on July 19, 2022 in Zschepplin near Leipzig, Germany. Temperatures are expected to reach up to 40 degrees Celsius in some parts of Germany this week, with temperature records likely to be broken in some regions. (Photo by Jens Schlueter/Getty Images)

This isn’t a headline you read every day.  Especially here in Colorado.  We’re used to seeing this headline with mountain lions or the very occasional bear, but cows?


A Boulder woman called 9-1-1 because a herd of cows surrounded and trampled on her while jogging on Coalton Trailhead.  Apparently there is a sign that says, “Give Cows Space.   – They can be aggressive’.

An eyewitness watched it happen, afraid of the woman’s fate after seeing her go down and not moving.

Thank goodness the woman will be okay, but was taken to the hospital for injuries.  Scary for sure!



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