Could it be growing pains? Is this normal? #jennyandfriends #momlife

By Jenny D on May 19, 2021

There is no sleep happening in my house right now.  My 4 year old Baby P has been waking up ALL night for the past week and complaining about her “knee hurting”.  Went to the doctor and they say it looks ok and she is happy and normal during the day.  My guess is growing pains which THANK you all for letting me know it sounds like what you went thru. Now trying to figure out how to help my lil get some rest and therefore the whole house.  This was some great advice from Laura who called into the show this morning! Any advice you have you can send to  Mama needs some help and you guys are the best tribe EVER!! XOXO


Listen here in case you missed it:  Laura has some good mom advice for Jenny

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