2021 Cooper Heating and Cooling Holiday Furnace Giveaway

Nobody Likes to pay for a new furnace so why not win one. Cooper Heating and Cooling, Denver’s premier Heating and A/C Sales and Services dealer, is giving a new High Efficiency Furnace to a home who is need of a furnace for this coming winter season and beyond.  Doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor sick or healthy, everyone needs a furnace!

How to Win?  Tell your Story.  Complete the registration form below and submit your story as to why you believe you deserve a new furnace.  The winner will be selected based on factors such as creativity and story authenticity. In Short, Make it Real and Pitch Us!

Past Winner:



We know you can do better!

I am submitting on behalf of a family I know is in need.  They are a family of 6 with 4 boys under the age of 10.  The wife does home day care and the husband has a full time job as well as driving UBER on the side.  He coaches his kids baseball and lacrosse. They can barely make ends meet and barely see each other. This would be a very nice upgrade to their home and a wonderful holiday gift. Thank you for considering them.