Colorado Very Expensive To Have Baby!

By Melissa Moore on June 5, 2023
Baby girl crawling through the grass, UK. (Photo by: Nik Taylor/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Colorado has made another list that has to do with us being expensive.  The new list looked at the cost of having a baby and the price tag of that first year.

According to this new study, giving birth in Colorado will cost $30,253 in the first year.  That is the 11th-highest total in the nation.

The cost break-down:

  1. Health insurance ($4,120),
  2. Childcare ($13,858) **This is the 6th highest in the nation
  3. Childbirth costs ($12,275)

At least we’re not the highest, right?

The highest state goes to….Alaska where the first year will cost $37,910.00

Good thing we love living in the Mile High City!!

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