Colorado Parents Admit Top “CAVE-INS”

By Jim Lawson on September 29, 2023
(Photo by Andreea Campeanu/Getty Images)

In a recent survey, Colorado Parents admitted their TOP “CAVE-INS” to their kids…. According to a new survey by Omni Active

Letting them eat the foods and snacks they want – 21%

Letting them have dessert before dinner – 18%

Giving them a device during mealtime – 17%

Buying them what they want – 13%

Letting them have more screen time – 13%

Letting them go out with their friends – 10%

Letting them stay up later – 5%

While there are many reason’s for the “cave-ins,” many parents say it’s not worth the battle, or it makes it easier on the parent at the moment.


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