Colorado Airline Most Likely to ‘Bump’ You

By Melissa Moore on August 7, 2023
RALEIGH, NC – NOVEMBER 29: A scenic view of aircraft flying overhead photographed on November 29, 2010 in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

The past week hasn’t been good news for Colorado’s hometown airline.

Frontier Airline made the worst list last week for have the most delays. This week, Frontier Airlines was just listed as the number 1 airline who would ‘bump you’ from a flight.

The bump their referencing refers to taking volunteers who agree to bump themselves to another flight and those folks who were given no choice and just ‘bumped’.  

Bumped makes it sound nice, but really you got fired from your flight.  You weren’t bumped up to a better seat, you were kicked off the flight.  

Here are the Top Five ‘Bumpers’ in Airlines from January – March of this year.

These five airlines bumped the most passengers:

  1. Frontier: 2,442
  2. American: 2,069
  3. Southwest: 610
  4. Spirit: 444
  5. Alaska: 66

Also listed were 3 Airlines That Didn’t Bump ANYONE:

  1. Hawaiian
  2. Allegiant
  3. Delta

I’m a big United fan and United did bump people, but only 32. 

I’m sure if you’re one of those 32 you’d say they’re the worst.

Delays, bumping and pricey flights- when will consumers get a break??


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