Christmas Spirit Poll: Are You More of a Santa, a Scrooge, or a Grinch?

By jennyd on December 14, 2022

I feel like with all the things we have all gone thru in the last couple of years we are having a harder time finding the “Santa” vibe this year.  I know personally it has been the most challenging year of my life. Yesterday I lost one of my best friends and a man I always considered family.  I was distraught obviously but as I was tucking my daughter into bed she asked me to snuggle and lay with her. When I did  I realized something … she knew on some level that Mama needed the snuggle too.  So I took a nice little 3 hour nap (seriously) with her and I woke up feeling her little warm snore on my face and I felt so much better.  Nothing will bring him back but it does make me think that perhaps it is time to start living again and not taking any moment for granted.  My lesson was that everything changes and you will not get THIS moment back ever. I have been in the “Scrooge” zone for so long that I was at risk of being a permanent “Grinch”.  It is my chosen family that helps me feel the “Santa”,  “Christmas Spirit” and Grateful vibes.  So THANK YOU for being a part of my CHOSEN family. You, my work family, my girls and I will be ok and we will get there together.  So Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and overall good vibes to you and yours!!!! Here is to the first day of my new journey!!!


Love Always,

Jenny XO


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