Are Politics A Relationship Deal Breaker?

Can you be from different political parties and live happily ever after?  If you had asked me this 20 years ago I would have said of course you can!  What a silly question.  Today, I’m not so sure.  One of the trends I...

DATER BEWARE! What You Need to Avoid

Why can’t dating come with a roadmap???  Avoid this area, don’t go here and watch out for this….pretty please Universe.  I’m back in the dating world and trying to do things differently this time around.  Honestly, I’m...

How I Royally Messed Up Dating – Part 1

Jumping into dating right after a divorce is like jumping on a ship and shooting a hole in the bottom of it.  Not a good idea and you’ll take down whoever is along for the ride.  I know this because… I did it.  Phew...

Top Gun Maverick Official Trailer!

Okay, I admit that I’m excited after seeing this trailer!  How does Tom Cruise not age??!!  Looks like a fun – popcorn movie! Comes out next year 2020. – Melissa


I’m barely back into the online dating scene and I already hate it (again 2x).  For those of you in committed and content relationships, online dating is not glamorous or remotely fun.  You love the Bachelor/Bachlorette...

Parents in Lakewood Fighting At Kids Baseball Game!

It’s hard to watch and harder to believe.  Parents at a Lakewood Elementary School got into a huge fist fight over the weekend.  Why?  An umpire call they didn’t like at their child’s baseball game. ...

Dating Online is Still Awful!!!

Reluctantly I am back on the dating scene.  I said I would never, ever do this online thing again.  Ever.  Like I really meant I’d rather have a root canal minus drugs and have my hair on fire before...

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