Broadmoor unveils new Gingerbread display and it looks tasty!

By jennyd on November 29, 2023


Can we eat it? The #Broadmoor unveils their new #Gingerbread display and it looks TASTY! Anyone up for a trip to Colorado Springs with me? It is a life-size gingerbread boat called “A Lightning Bug Canopy Boat.” The boat is a nod to the resort’s history and upcoming boating experiences, with two new electric canopy boats set to be introduced in 2024. The gingerbread boat was created using over 958 lbs of powdered sugar, 475 lbs of flour, and 1,801 eggs, and is adorned with candy canes, gumdrops, macarons, and more. The display will be available for guests and visitors to enjoy until New Year’s Day.






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