Brie Larson Tried Singing Before She Was An Actress!

By on May 7, 2019

Brie Larson is now a super famous academy award winning actress and the Marvel Universes most amazing hero Captain Marvel. But something tells me that she cringes a little bit when she thinks back to her attempted music career. Yup! Brie Larson used to sing and play guitar and she was pretty awesome at it. 

A 20 year old Brie has a very Avril Lavigne thing going on in this music video. Which is what was popular at the time so you can’t blame her. Honestly, she probably could have made it as a music star if the songs were better. The most cringe worthy part of all of this are the lyrics to the songs like the one “Finally Out of P.E.”

What we know now is that Brie is super talented in many categories and don’t be surprised if she rocks out in the next Captain Marvel movie!



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