Beyoncé breaks record and gives Dolly Parton full songwriting credit for, “Jolene”

By Kathie J on April 1, 2024
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Beyoncé’s “Cowboy Carter” album broke a Spotify record on March 29th and became Spotify’s most streamed album of 2024. Also, the first country album to do so.

Among the many hits on the album is the highly anticipated new version of “Jolene.” Beyoncé kept the original music but changed the lyrics to Dolly Parton’s famous, “Jolene” song.

Instead of “I’m beggin’ of you, please don’t take my man,” Beyoncé sings, “I’m warning you, don’t come for my man.”

Even though Beyoncé changed the lyrics’ she still gave Dolly Parton full songwriting credit for the song. Parton is credited as the sole songwriter of “Jolene” on Cowboy Carter, while Beyoncé is listed as the performer and co-producer.

This suggests that Dolly Parton and her charities will receive any and all revenue from the Cowboy Carter, “Jolene” version as well as her own.

Dolly Parton can be heard on Cowboy Carter calling Jolene a “tyrant.” Dolly also gave her seal of approval for the new savage Jolene lyrics.

“Wow, I just heard Jolene,” Parton wrote in a statement on social media. “Beyoncé is giving that girl some trouble and she deserves it! Love, Dolly P.”

What do you think of the new album? Kathie J likes all of the cameos including the one with Willie Nelson.

Read more about it here, and what Dolly had to say before Jolene was released here.

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