Aurora Police start cracking down on vehicle registration violations

By Kathie J on May 13, 2024

If you look at the registration stickers on cars in the metro area, you will see some that expired over three years ago. It’s an issue that officers are seeing across the metro area, and now Aurora police will finally start ticketing for it.

The Aurora Police Department started an enforcement program to crack down on vehicles that aren’t registered, expired license plates and, in some cases, no license plates.

Officers will conduct enforcement operations on a weekly basis throughout the summer.

“We’re hoping people will take this seriously and get their plates taken care of, or whatever they need to do, before one of our officers actually has to stop them,” Lt. Chris Amsler with Aurora Police said.

So far, the team has issued tickets to 42 drivers for vehicle registration violations, five of those summonses also included a driver’s license violation. They also towed three vehicles and confiscated five fake plates.

Fines for vehicle registration violations range from $15 to $75 with applicable surcharges. The fine and surcharge for an expired plate of more than 60 days is $95.50. Get more info about the law and fines on the DMV’s website.

Read more about Aurora Police Team cracking down here.

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