According to Pinterest, here’s what is trending this wedding season!  Now, to find a man…Jackie Selby.

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#1.  DIY Taco Bars!
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Inspiration: The Wedding Chicks are making us drool with their taco party tutorial. Plus, they offer up free “printables” that you can use at your reception, or, heck, next Taco Tuesday gathering.
Pinterest popularity: Year-over-year (YOY) searches for “taco weddings” has increased 134 percent.

2. Food And Cocktail Pairings!

Peter Callahan Catering
The trend: Instead of passing drinks and hors d’oeuvres around on separate trays, suggested food-and-beverage pairings are being served together. Some of the famous duos on Pinterest include sliders and craft beer pairings or oysters with sparkling wine. Just like the bride and groom, some food and drink pairings are soulmates.
Pinterest popularity: Searches for wedding food and cocktail pairings has increased 60 percent YOY.

3. Off-The-Shoulder Illusion Wedding Dresses!

The trend: Wedding dresses baring the shoulders are a fashion hit with today’s brides.
Inspiration: A wedding gown designed by Watters that gives the off-the-shoulder illusion.
Pinterest popularity: Searches for off-the-shoulder wedding dresses have increased 158 percent YOY.

4. Drip Cakes!

Hint of Vanilla blog
The trend: Last year, naked cakes were trending at weddings. Sounds scandalous, right? But really, naked cakes meant cake without frosting. Consider those frosting-free cakes a palate cleanser for 2017. This year, drip cakes are, well, taking the cake. Essentially, it’s a cake that’s been frosted with added frosting or caramel gingerly dripping down the side.
Pinterest popularity: We’re foraging for the frosting on Pinterest! Searches for drip cakes have increased by a whopping 437 percent.

5. Outdoor Mountain Destinations!

Flickr | kylekuo
The trend:  Head for the hills! Colorado has this one covered!
Inspiration: Wedding Lovely offers up some great tips for planning a mountain wedding. (Or, of course, you could elope!)
Pinterest popularity: Searches on Pinterest for mountainside elopements increased by 109 percent year over year.

6.  Blue Suit for the Groom!

Ruffled - photo by Pat Furey
The trend: Grooms are finding themselves better suited in a brighter blue hue instead of the more traditional black or navy blue suits.
Inspiration: Check out the tale of this Williamsburg wedding on the Ruffled blog. The groom is wearing a blue suit. Bonus inspiration: The bride’s bouquet is tied with an Hermes scarf.
Pinterest popularity: Pinterest saw searches for blue groom suits up 90 percent over the last year.
J. Crew
7. New Zealand Honeymoons

The trend: Move over, Caribbean beaches. New Zealand as a honeymoon destination, especially for adventurous couples, is booming. In New Zealand, honeymooners can fill up their itineraries with stunning hikes taking you to lakes and mountains.
Inspiration: Nomadic Matt deems New Zealand the adventure capital of the world. Check out his New Zealand travel guides to get some trip-planning inspiration.
Pinterest popularity: Pinterest has witnessed a 125 percent year-over-year increase in honeymoon planning in New Zealand.
Flickr | reurinkjan

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