3 MANDATORY things to pack for your cruise

By jennyd on April 18, 2023

Today was an amazing day at sea! Ocean views, no clouds and sunshine! Learned a few things.  Like what was absolutely necessary to bring on your Disney Cruise Line vacation.

  1. Bathing Suit
  3. Fun

We started with a gorgeous sunrise and by the mid afternoon it was perfect for some pool time.  It was fun to sit and watch the girls splash, swim, eat ice cream and REPEAT.  All the while watching some of my favorite Disney movies on the big screen.  The only thing is RE-APPLY that sunscreen as often as possible.  Little bit of red cheeks in our family but didn’t stop us from eating and dancing along with Tiana and her friends or cheering for Olaf and the crew last night at Frozen the Musical Live!!! Thank God for the Disney Cruise Line Navigation APP to help us stay in the know so we could meet our favorite characters and give them hugs!! There is no way to describe the feeling of being on a Disney Cruise.  You just have to be here and I hope you can be after 8, 11 and 2 this week you can qualify!!! XOXO




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